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Hygea Blu Infection Control

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EN 1276 EN14476 (Covid-19)

EN 1650 EN 13704 EN 14563

Kills SARS- associated coronavirus

Kills Human Coronavirus (VR-740)

Kills Canine Coronavirus (VR-809)

  • Where an environment is suspected or confirmed as being COVID 19 positive, we will apply our Ultra disinfectant. This is a very strong disinfectant and applied using our “3D wrap around” electrostatic spraying system. Following the correct dwell time (about 10 minutes) for the solution to work on hidden, vertical and
    shadowed areas, providing a highly effective touch-less cross-contamination protocol. Once applied and after 5 minutes, 99.999% of all COVID 19 virus spores will have been killed. Effective on all surface types, including fabrics.
  • Ultra is a high performing oxidizer highly effective at killing viruses, notably Covid-19 and bacteria, leaving the surface clinically clean and bio-film free. Ultra provides short term anti-viral surface protection.
  • To complement the initial sanitisation protocol, we would then suggest using our less invasive but longer-lasting control disinfectant that once applied, remains active killing COVID 19 viruses for up to one month. With lockdown being steadily eased, this will be key to help to keep clinical, business and public areas COVID 19 free and safe. This is more suited to most working environments, schools, offices, meeting places
  • Viruses, spores, fungi and bacteria are grouped together for testing and assigned an EN number (European Standard) In the case of Coronavirus, both Ultra and Control disinfectants are fully proven and validated against the European Standard, N 14476 – the category under which Covid-19 is classified.
  • Our cross-infection and contamination protocol means we can actively assist in the prevention of the spread of this virus by eliminating existing microbes and prohibiting the adhesion of pathogens to contact surfaces, leaving them unable to transfer the pathogens and bacteria responsible for the Coronavirus.

Completely portable technology

Very large room turnaround time can be less than 60 minutes

A hospital ward can be completed in 3-4 hours

Rail coach treated in under 20 minutes

Link to advice on cleaning from the government web site can be found here.

Cleaning and disinfection

Public areas where a symptomatic individual has passed through and spent minimal time, such as corridors, but which are not visibly contaminated with body fluids can be cleaned thoroughly as normal.

All surfaces that the symptomatic person has come into contact with must be cleaned and disinfected, including:

  • objects which are visibly contaminated with body fluids
  • all potentially contaminated high-contact areas such as bathrooms, door handles, telephones, grab-rails in corridors and stairwells

Use disposable cloths or paper roll and disposable mop heads, to clean all hard surfaces, floors, chairs, door handles and sanitary fittings.

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